Foundations & Construction

Making Foundations On The Building Site

The foundations to a house are not a terribly glamourous affair. The site is normally begun with digging machinery of some type, mini digger or backhoe as a rule, and this when the site starts looking “like a building site”.

Once laid, the foundations are unlikely to be seen again for years, but they are one of the most important parts of the build, supporting the weight of the whole construction and have to follow the planning requirements to the letter.

At other points of the build, in the Continue reading “Foundations & Construction”

Package Holiday

Where Did The Package Holiday Go?

The question is not to which geographical place has the package holiday gone, but where is the package holiday at all?

There are two main engines driving the demise of the package holiday, and they are the no-frills economy airlines, and the multi-headed being called the internet.

Before the budget airlines, the whole concept of holiday bookings was far too complex for the man in the street, and most had to rely on the offices of travel agents to bridge the mighty gaps between Continue reading “Package Holiday”

Section 172 – Company Cars

Company Cars, Drivers & Section 172 Offences

In the majority of circumstances points are not given for company cars & section 172 – fail to name the driver offences, however it is not uncommon for the prosecution to attempt to attached the blame for the offence to either a company director or the company secretary. In these instances it is possible for those people to receive penalty points.

Company car rules are different from those for private motorists. The two main defences are that the company either Continue reading “Section 172 – Company Cars”

Apprenticeships in the UK

The Rise in Apprenticeships in the UK

The past few years have been a different and on occasion difficult time for this country’s economy. It has seen a lot of change in the employment and employability of the UK population.

One of the major contributors to the current record levels of employment is the promotion and subsequent take up of the schemes of apprenticeships.

Driven by greater pressure on young people to accept awareness of their part of the investment of the future and the changes in school leaving age, the interest in taking up Continue reading “Apprenticeships in the UK”

Internet Marketing Essentials

What is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an umbrella term that covers a plethora of different online marketing activities, both paid and ‘free’ activities.

There are of course many routes to market online, each suited to different niches and specialities.

One of the most important tasks is to determine which marketing strategy is best suited to your Continue reading “Internet Marketing Essentials”